Hi there! 

I'm Michelle Schneider, an artist specializing in creating custom portraits for people who want to capture their dearest life memories.

Drawing and painting are my true passions in life and bring me so much joy. I love that art connects me to others  and introduces me to people I'd otherwise never meet. Art allows me to share my joy with others.

In college I fine-tuned my drawing and painting skills and found a real community of other creatives. I received my bachelors degree in art with concentrations in drawing, painting, and illustration in 2009 from Olivet Nazarene University.

After college I wanted to find a way to turn this passion of mine into a business, so I created my first custom home portrait (of the house I'd just moved into with my husband) and shared it on social media. It wasn't long before others were requesting a painting of their home, and before I knew it my passion for painting had turned into a job. Now I'm so blessed to be able to sell custom artwork online to people all over the world.

I live and work from my home studio in central Illinois, and when I'm not painting or drawing, I'm usually in the kitchen making dinner for my husband and two little kids.