Christmas Wait List Update
custom pet portrait, christmas gift idea, birthday gift idea

custom pet portrait, christmas gift idea, birthday gift idea

Hello folks!

I'm sitting here in my studio with the cold air from the AC blowing in my face (because, SUMMER) and an almost 5-month-old chewing on my arm (because, HUNGER), and I've just updated my Wait List to see where we're at with portraits for the second half of the year. 

It looks like right now I'm booking into early October, which means I only have about 8 more weeks to fill in my schedule before I close my 2017 Wait List. Yikes! 

I know it's weird to be thinking about Christmas when it's 115 degrees outside and your sweating your buns off, but alas! When one decides to paint everything meticulously by hand, one must plan ahead!

custom home painting, client gift idea, anniversary gift

custom home painting, client gift idea, anniversary gift

May I perhaps recommend something to you? 

Think of the one person in your life who is the HARDEST to buy for. Are you thinking of this person? For me, it's my husband and his grandparents. My husband loves to say "just don't worry about getting me anything for Christmas this year" (biiiiig eye roll from me). And my in-laws have everything. So every year I stress myself all out thinking about what in the world I'm going to get these folks.

custom ornament, christmas gift idea, custom home painting

custom ornament, christmas gift idea, custom home painting

Here's my recommendation to you. Just buy them an ornament. Think of something meaningful for me to paint on the front and viola. It's done. Piece of pumpkin pie!

Or perhaps you want to go all out and get a custom portrait. Perfect. You'll impress some people- trust me!

It's really easy and now is the time.

August Print Club
August Print Club-01.png

It's that time of the month again! Wait, no, that sounded weird. This has nothing to do with menstrual cycles. 

IT'S PRINT CLUB TIME, PEOPLE. Geesh. Stop being gross.

Cast your vote in the comments below for the print you'd like to receive FOR FREE in August. The theme is gardening. My favorite theme!

Join The Print Club below if you're feeling like you're missing out by not being a member already (you totally are, by the way). :)

Print Club Members- time to cast your vote!

Yay! It's Friday! Usually every day is pretty much the same for me, but for some reason this has been the longest, most exhausting week. I'm READY for the weekend. How about you???

Ok, so let's do something F.U.N. today! Want to vote on next month's free print? Yes! You do!

Here are your options:

1. Ernie the delivery dog

2. Fresh flower van

3. The floral shop

4. Mystery print entitled "When the house plants took over."

These are all illustrations I've created for my children's illustration portfolio (see more here) with the last "mystery print" being a work in progress. I actually started the illustration a few weeks ago and realized it wasn't going in the direction I wanted it to go. So, I set it aside for a few days and am going to start a fresh one from a sketch I did in that moment of frustration when I realized that first painting just wasn't working out.

The mystery print is entitled, "When the house plants took over" and is part of a bigger illustrated story about a girl named Annabelle who likes to garden with her granny. (See more art from that story here.)

It's up to YOU which print I'll giveaway next month, so leave your comment below or on Instagram or Facebook.

If you aren't already signed up for my Print Club, you can do so below. It's totally free to join!