A Few Portraits Lately and My Reading List

I've been feeling burned out lately on all my usual podcasts about relationships, science, business, money, marriage, etc. Since I work alone, I tend to consume large amounts of audio throughout the day. Lately I've been craving story over sermon and conversation over a business to-do list. Plus, I've noticed a huge drop in my mental energy since having a baby.

But I still really want to read and learn, so I decided to try out an Audible subscription. So far I've listened to...

I find it terribly difficult to sit and read at night. I'm just too mentally drained in the evening. And I've also found that I relate much more to female writers than male. It's nice to mix up my reading material from fiction to memoirs to nonfiction to novels to self-help. Too much time in one genre is monotonous for me.

One of my favorite things to do, I've discovered, is paint while listening to an audiobook or draw while watching TV. Of course, I paint in the studio but watch TV in the house occasionally when Seth is away on business. I'm currently re-watching the show Call the Midwife. We don't have cable, so I rely on our local library to supply me with DVDs, old-school-style. ;)

What about you? What's on your reading list right now? What shows do you watch in the Fall?