So Thankful and Blessed

As you know last week Sarge and I ran a sale on my Custom Pet and Family Portraits. ;)

The response I received from you, my faithful follower and customer, was so positive and overwhelming!

Seeing my customers coming back to my shop time and time again is one of the best compliments you could give me! So, thank you for your years of loyalty! 

A few months ago it dawned on me that perhaps I should focus LESS on acquiring new customers and MUCH MORE on delighting the customers I already have. Since then my clarity in the future of my business, what products to create next, and how to market those products has greatly increased (along with my website traffic, blog traffic, and sales, coincidentally).

My clarity has increased because I feel like I already know my customers so well.

With that increased clarity, my motivation and inspiration have been renewed and energized. I can scroll through my mental rolodex of ideas and objectively say, "Yes. My customers will love this!" or "No, this product isn't right for my business." If the idea doesn't connect with you, my customer, I simply say, "Thank you for playing with me today, idea! But now it's time for you to visit some other artist."

All that to say, the sale was for you. And the products I'm planning on launching next year will also be for you

"You" is the keyword there.

I love creating new things for you and always listen to your feedback while still trying desperately to stay true to my own creative vision and authentic voice. It's a very delicate balance, this creative entrepreneurship! 

Thank you for riding this ship with me!