Custom Mother Daughter Portraits

I have a little baby named Josie. She's almost 6 months old now, and I can't even believe it. Just this past month it's like she's become her own little person, no longer a newborn, but a girl who wants to explore, learn, cuddle, kiss, giggle, smile. She fits so perfectly into our little family of 3.

One thing I've learned about being a mom is that the bond you feel for your kid is intense. I felt it the moment she was born and lay naked and wriggling on my chest. She knew me, I could sense that much. And I loved her more than anything. 

Ever since then she's been glued to my hip. She knows when I walk into the room and wants to be held non-stop. I can always cheer her up or calm her down. And she can always cheer me up too!

I knew I wanted to do a portrait of her, but it had to be special. A few nights ago we were swinging together and my husband snapped these photos of us. I combined a few of my favorite things from each picture, added a colorful background, and viola! I already cherish this little painting.

In case you're wanting something similar, you can purchase your own Mother/Daughter Portrait here.