My Fall/Winter Calendar

The past few weeks have been...well...I've only managed a few bits of time in the studio in between trips to the doctor, pharmacy, grocery store and everything else that comes along with having a sick kid. She's better now, although we're still working on the sleep thing. It seems like once your kid gets sick, they're prone to it again and again. It's been a crazy cycle for months now which is why I've been somewhat clueless as to other things, tiny things, slowly happening and growing inside me...

It finally dawned on me that perhaps the waves of nausea and fatigue, hot flashes, and moodiness I've been experiencing in recent weeks are not actually a coincidence.

And then my pants started feeling tight...

About two weeks ago I took a pregnancy test and sure enough! We. Are. Pregnant again.

And already almost 10 weeks along (insert wide-eyed emoji here) and excited for another baby in March! Let the craziness continue. :)

I'm not one to make a big announcement, but wanted to share the news here first because it will definitely effect my business in the months to come. So far the morning sickness hasn't been nearly as bad as it was with Josie, which makes me hopeful I can continue painting at my current pace and reassess at the new year. Fingers crossed!

As of now I'm leaving my work schedule alone and hoping for the best. I just released the dates for my Fall/Winter workshops here. I'll open registration for those classes soon, so stay tuned!