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Painting Kids

I've really loved the challenge of painting children lately, especially when my own child is getting so big and changing every day! The idea of capturing a moment of childhood and preserving it with pencil and paint brush intrigues me and adds so much joy to my work.

We've had our neighbor girl (who's 10 years old) coming over a few days a week after school to play with Josie while I work. It's been wonderful! Josie lights up when Kourtney walks into the studio and runs around squealing with joy, eager to play with her new best friend.

Seth and I have been getting up earlier to try and take advantage of those glorious quiet hours before the babe awakes and chaos ensues. I'm not a morning person (AT ALL), so it's helpful to have Seth to coax me out of bed at 5:30 am. Being a mother is nothing if not a constant challenge and joy in equal measure! :)

I hope your week is going well! Don't forget to sign up for my LIVE portrait event this weekend (read more about that here), and come out and see me Friday and Saturday in Morton, IL! Bring the kiddos. It'll be a fun time!

Old Photos into New Paintings

I'm always honored to receive requests like this one.

A customer purchased a Family Portrait and then sent an email explaining how close his wife is to her grandparents, specifically her grandfather who is now aging and poor in health. He told me how instrumental her grandparents had been in her childhood and how this portrait would mean so much to them both.

This customer wanted me to recreate an old photo of his wife when she was young laying in the grass with her grandpa, both smiling and enjoying each other's company (above).

How sweet is that? Major props to the husband for being so considerate of his wife!

Here's how the portrait turned out...

custom family portrait, grandfather portrait

custom family portrait, grandfather portrait

Custom Brother Portrait (so cute!)

I've really been enjoying the family portraits I've had the pleasure of working on lately! I feel myself getting better at these, which is exciting. And who wouldn't want to paint adorable kids all day?

This particular portrait was a 5x7" of these two little guys with their arms around each other. Heart. Melt.

If you'd like to purchase your own family portrait, you can do so here. Only 4 spots left on my Wait List for Mother's Day!