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The Andersons Buy a House

I'm happy to announce the newly wedded Andersons finally found their dream home! After months of searching, one delay after another, and with building anticipation, Bella and Brice bought their first house.

She wanted a garden. He wanted a roof that didn't leak and Buddy (their beloved Golden Retriever) just wanted a front step to stand guard over the house, nap, or watch for squirrels depending on his mood.

They settled on a painted brick ranch style house with clean lines, an arch top door, and some curb appeal.

There's some work to be done, no doubt, but they were in love with each other and the house and couldn't wait to turn this house into a home.

custom home portrait, cute animation by michelle schneider, watercolor house painting

Visit back periodically for more animations and watch as Bella and Brice add charm to their lovely new home and maybe even grow their little family! Making this little animation was so much fun! I'm still figuring it out, but planning to do more very soon. :)