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Country Mice

Last weekend Seth and I took Josie with us to Chicago for the Renegade Craft Fair. She seemed to really love being in the city, staring at all the people, listening to the constant noise and activity. But come early evening, I think she was near melt down stage and ready to be home. 

That's pretty much how Seth and I are too! I love to visit the city, but I'm just not sure how anyone could live and thrive in a place so congested with noise and people. I know most people love the hustle and bustle of city life, and that's great, but our little family was meant for the country. 

We love it here! We love the slow pace of life. We love the quiet neighborhood walks under the giant old trees. We love to visit our parents who both live on farms. We love to sit out on the deck and pet the kitties and watch the puppies run and chase each other. We love to watch the tractors in the fields during harvest. We love that we're surrounded by nature. 

I think my creative spirit would shrivel and die in a city. Nature is my muse. Lately, if I'm being honest, I haven't really felt very inspired. It could be that part of my problem is not spending enough time outside, exploring and listening and being. Most of my time is spent in the studio or in the house working. Yesterday was so refreshing for me to be totally away from my computer and to be outside most of the day.

What about you? What inspires you? How do you make room for things in your life that feed your creativity?