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Custom Home Ornaments of 2016
custom home portrait ornaments by michelle schneider

custom home portrait ornaments by michelle schneider

This week, now that all the gifts have been received and I'm not spoiling any surprises, I'll be sharing a collection of my favorites from the over 60 custom ornaments I painted last year. I still can't believe I was able to get that many ornaments out the door in time for Christmas (Lord knows the panic I felt at times!), but alas, my customers are the best and most supportive people in the world and came back over and over to purchase more.

By far, the bestsellers were the Home Ornaments. I plan to paint many more this year, but won't be officially starting holiday orders until September 1st, 2017. I really appreciate that people are already starting to purchase gift certificates for this next season because it helps me prepare and gather a Wait List. 

To add your name to that list, simply purchase this listing. Thank you again for making my Christmas season so special!