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My First LIVE Painting Event!

I'm so excited to share the details of my first LIVE painting event!

I've partnered with Sara O'Shea of So Chic Boutique (316 S. Main St. in Morton, IL 61550), an amazingly adorable store (and store owner) in Morton, IL where I'll be painting live Family Portraits for Mother's Day. 

Sara O'Shea of So Chic Boutique in Morton, IL

Sara O'Shea of So Chic Boutique in Morton, IL

So Chic Boutique in Morton, IL

So Chic Boutique in Morton, IL

Here's how the event will work. I'll be set up in Sara's "conference room" area when you visit the store. I'll take your picture or a picture of just your kids with my iPad and use that photo for the painting while you shop. Each person in the portrait takes approximately 20 minutes to paint. Once the painting is finished you'll be able to pick it up right then and there!

There are a limited number of portraits I can paint during the event, so in an attempt to keep it fairly organized, I've set up a listing in my shop to allow you to prepay. Once the purchase is made, I'll assign you a specific time slot. 

Purchase this listing to prepay.

Custom Mother/Child Portrait by artist Michelle Schneider

Custom Mother/Child Portrait by artist Michelle Schneider

I'm also opening up 5 spots for pre-painted portraits that I'll bring to the live event already completed. If you wish to have your portrait finished before next Friday, send an email with your photo references to after completing the purchase in my shop.

I can't wait to meet you in person! 

Life lately...
Click the photo to stay in the Instagram loop!

Click the photo to stay in the Instagram loop!

Life lately has been rather eventful. I celebrated my 29th birthday on Tuesday, then had a very productive and exciting meeting with a brilliant local business woman about hosting live art events in her store (details on that to come), and then found out I have Hashimoto's Disease (which totally explains everything). You just never know what life will bring you, do you?

So, my immediate future will involve planning the rest of my 2016 calendar, which is turning out to be quite the challenge as I'm NOT a planner, and figuring out what the heck Hashimoto's Disease is and how to not be a slug all the time.

But all things considered, I'm feeling happy, hopeful, and optimistic. So many fun and exciting things to put on my calendar this year!

Sarge Demands a Sale

While some of us are working hard in the studio, others are busy obsessing over squirrels and leaping through giant piles of leaves (we're looking at you, Sarge).

But I suppose it's impossible not to be happy this time of year! Let me add to your joy by sharing some great news...

Now through Halloween get a custom pet or family portrait for 50% off with the purchase of a custom house portrait! All house portrait customers, both past and present, are eligible for this great discount.

So if you're already enjoying your house portrait or have yet to get your paws on one, now's your chance! Choose any pet or family portraits to add to your collection.

Shop here for a pet portrait or browse my family paintings here. Enter the code "SQUIRREL" at checkout to get the 50% off!