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Late Spring

Late Spring showers, humidity, sunshine, flowers, sprinklers, gardens, aromas, breeze, shade, trips to the zoo.

Last week Seth had a business trip to Florida, so I took Josie and her friend (our next door neighbor's 10 year old girl named Kourtney) to the zoo to add a break to my otherwise stressful week.

Apparently toddlers don't quite understand a parent's temporary absence. I couldn't figure out why Josie all-of-the-sudden decided not to sleep! Little stinker.

So, instead of getting anything productive done and instead of fighting her all week, I decided to take Josie and her favorite friend Kourtney to the zoo, to grandma's house to see the ducklings, to the spray park, and outside to help me with some gardening. 

Then, finally, Seth returned home to find a very frazzled mother and her very tired little chick. He saved us and somehow, miraculously, got Josie to sleep. 

And I wonder, what would we do without him?!?