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Life lately...
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Click the photo to stay in the Instagram loop!

Life lately has been rather eventful. I celebrated my 29th birthday on Tuesday, then had a very productive and exciting meeting with a brilliant local business woman about hosting live art events in her store (details on that to come), and then found out I have Hashimoto's Disease (which totally explains everything). You just never know what life will bring you, do you?

So, my immediate future will involve planning the rest of my 2016 calendar, which is turning out to be quite the challenge as I'm NOT a planner, and figuring out what the heck Hashimoto's Disease is and how to not be a slug all the time.

But all things considered, I'm feeling happy, hopeful, and optimistic. So many fun and exciting things to put on my calendar this year!

Custom Brother Portrait (so cute!)

I've really been enjoying the family portraits I've had the pleasure of working on lately! I feel myself getting better at these, which is exciting. And who wouldn't want to paint adorable kids all day?

This particular portrait was a 5x7" of these two little guys with their arms around each other. Heart. Melt.

If you'd like to purchase your own family portrait, you can do so here. Only 4 spots left on my Wait List for Mother's Day!