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Easter Egg Painting Workshop

Spring is here, and it's time to announce my first workshop of 2017! I've been looking forward to painting more eggs since last Easter when I hosted an in-studio "practice" workshop with some close friends and family. It was so much fun and hope you can join me for this year's workshop at the always adorable shop in Morton So Chic Boutique.

Click the button below for more info about the class and to register!

Boring is my new best friend.

It's been an incredibly calm month for us so far. Words cannot express how much I've needed calm these past few weeks. I forget sometimes how hard it is to be pregnant. I've had to cut back so much and allow myself the luxury of uninterrupted rest. Usually I go a little stir crazy when I'm not busy with work, but I've sunk down deep this month, on more than one occasion, into the comfy chair and indulged in novel reading and coffee drinking and just plain spacing out. And yes, it's been amazing.

I think my brain needs more time for spacing out. All this quiet and calm has cleaned up so much of the clutter that typically fills my thought life every day. I find myself more creative, more focused, and craving even more blissful rest. 

They should really do more research on the benefits of spacing out, don't you think?? :)

Cutting out screen time has helped with the spacing out thing, too. 

Seth's been home most nights, which is rare, but it's freed me up to have a few evenings a week to do things I enjoy- mostly work on my portfolio (see previous post) and bake and cook. And of course, because of this nasty weather, we've been forced to stay inside and not fill our evenings with plans.

It does get boring sometimes, I'll admit. But what mother doesn't need more boring in her life? Boring is my new best friend. At least for now. :) 

Artist-Inspired Holidays

Words cannot express the joy it brings my little beating heart to see great art fill the world. I especially geek out over all things holiday-themed. This year I wanted to share my top picks for holiday items that are made or designed by artists that you can purchase online to fill your little beating heart with joy, too. Would these items not make excellent gifts?

First, these hand-painted ornaments by Emily Jeffords, Katherine Jury, and Britt Bass Turner. Could not be cuter.

In terms of holiday-themed wall art, there is no one who's painting hold more magic for me than Janet Hill. I can't even pick a favorite. Browse her Christmas prints here.

Is it ok if I include a few of my own things? I mean, if I didn't think they were cute or worth buying, I wouldn't make them, right? The Santa and Red Truck ornaments are a few of my favorites this year.

This Advent Calendar designed by Quill & Fox (sold by Anthropologie) is probably the cutest Advent Calendar I've seen. I bought one and am currently pretending it's for Josie. ;) Check out Yas' other Christmas products here. (This cat platter, anyone?)

Same artist as the Advent Calendar- this Thanksgiving card is just adorable! I SO wish there were more Thanksgiving products out there...maybe I should design, Michelle, stay focused!

I love the slightly less traditional Christmas card designs, like this super cute card by Emma Block. I'm easily bored by the overstocked generic discount cards you find everywhere this time of year. No thank you.

I'm always swooning over the creativity and design work of artist Roxy Marj. Her stockings and ornaments for Land of Nod are the perfect blend of odd and adorable and quirky and fun. That little red mushroom ornament!

And last but not least I wanted to introduce you to my very own Custom Ornament Gift Certificates, available for purchase here to reserve your spot on my Custom Home Portrait Ornament Wait List. I've had so many requests for these custom ornaments, and I just can't seem to paint them fast enough! So, I've made this super cute ornament gift card just in time for the holidays.

I really hope you enjoy the creativity and talent of these fun artists I've featured today!