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As you may already be aware, I decided to split my "brand" in half this year like a big sheet cake with chocolate on one side and strawberry on the other. I've been painting custom portraits for years, but this past January after I had Josie I started a new series of Modern Abstract Florals. Since then I've been trying to figure out how to frost the whole cake, add the sprinkles, and serve you, my customer, exactly what you want without confusion.

I've sensed for a long time that I need help with this branding side of my business, and so I've hired a coach and a logo designer to help me work through some of these cake problems. Leslie the logo and branding person, has assigned me with the task of coming up with key words and visuals that describe my custom portrait brand. Today I did a little work in my sketchbook on that topic and thought I'd share. It's actually pretty challenging to boil your passion down into simple words and colors! Lime green, pinks, puppies, and nature were all themes on the visual side. 

Here's to hoping Leslie can help me collect these scattered ingredients to make a delicious cake! I'd love to know your thoughts about my custom portrait brand. Leave comments if you have any ideas for me!