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Mental Detox

I've been needing, for a long time now, a mental cleanse

It's so easy to be constantly distracted with technology, posting on social media, blogging, checking messages, responding to every demand. I get overwhelmed by it all to be honest!

So, I committed the last few weeks to a mental detox. I stayed off the internet and took the pressure to constantly be "updating" totally off my shoulders. 

I can't even tell you how helpful it's been in restoring mental clarity, stirring up my inspiration, and helping me to see the bigger picture.

I've realized several important things.

First, as much as I feel like I need to be on all social media platforms for my business, I really don't.

I was telling myself that if I pulled away from Instagram or Facebook for a few weeks that my business would stall out. But here's the truth: if my artistic vision is dried up because Instagram and Facebook are pulling me away from inspiration, then my business will absolutely dry up.

My priority is first to myself- my health, my inspiration, my artistic needs- and then to my family, customers, followers on social platforms, and business.

Second, when I allow too many external voices in my head I can no longer hear my own internal voice.

This concept is huge for me. I rely on this constant internal dialog for inspiration, authenticity, and creativity. When I sit down to draw and only have images of other artist's work or quotes from someone else in my head, how can I create something truly genuine? If I can't even remember what it is that truly brings me happiness, how can I be inspired and create work that brings others happiness? 

When I can no longer hear my own creative voice, I lose that which makes me an artist in the first place.

Lastly, constant distraction blinds me from seeing the bigger picture.

God speaks to us every day. Can you hear His voice? Can you see His simple blessings and be thankful?  Can you sense His higher calling on your life? Can you sense what he wants for your marriage and family beyond meeting your daily needs?

I'm going deep with this one because I've sensed a spiritual fatigue along with a mental one on my part. I've felt myself pushing God out of the picture just a little bit at a time so that I can cram other stuff into my life that will "grow my business" or "grow my influence" or "help me to make more money."

BIG red flag.

Here's the bigger picture: God has blessed me with an amazing job, a healthy daughter, a happy marriage. He is restoring my physical and emotional health. I need to slow down and allow myself time to rest and heal from childbirth, time to adjust to motherhood, time to enjoy this stage of life. I need to serve my customers better by focusing on their needs and wants instead of focusing on my marketing strategy or pitches. I need to feed my creative soul a steak dinner instead of expecting it to thrive on crackers. I need to feed my spirit Scripture instead of quotes.

This is just the beginning of new things I'm learning that I'm excited to share with you! In an effort to produce higher quality content to add value to my customers and followers, I've decided to spend more time blogging and less time on social media. 

What about you? Is social media a crutch for you? Is it a distraction from what God is calling you to do? Or do you feel like you have a good balance?