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Painting Kids

I've really loved the challenge of painting children lately, especially when my own child is getting so big and changing every day! The idea of capturing a moment of childhood and preserving it with pencil and paint brush intrigues me and adds so much joy to my work.

We've had our neighbor girl (who's 10 years old) coming over a few days a week after school to play with Josie while I work. It's been wonderful! Josie lights up when Kourtney walks into the studio and runs around squealing with joy, eager to play with her new best friend.

Seth and I have been getting up earlier to try and take advantage of those glorious quiet hours before the babe awakes and chaos ensues. I'm not a morning person (AT ALL), so it's helpful to have Seth to coax me out of bed at 5:30 am. Being a mother is nothing if not a constant challenge and joy in equal measure! :)

I hope your week is going well! Don't forget to sign up for my LIVE portrait event this weekend (read more about that here), and come out and see me Friday and Saturday in Morton, IL! Bring the kiddos. It'll be a fun time!

Sarge Demands a Sale

While some of us are working hard in the studio, others are busy obsessing over squirrels and leaping through giant piles of leaves (we're looking at you, Sarge).

But I suppose it's impossible not to be happy this time of year! Let me add to your joy by sharing some great news...

Now through Halloween get a custom pet or family portrait for 50% off with the purchase of a custom house portrait! All house portrait customers, both past and present, are eligible for this great discount.

So if you're already enjoying your house portrait or have yet to get your paws on one, now's your chance! Choose any pet or family portraits to add to your collection.

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Dealing with Distraction
A gorgeous house makes for a pretty house portrait!

A gorgeous house makes for a pretty house portrait!

Lake House Custom House Portrait, wedding gift idea

Lake House Custom House Portrait, wedding gift idea

The past few weeks have been somewhat stressful around here with a teething baby, long hours in front of my computer, and time spent fixing complex email issues I know very little about fixing. Having an online business has it's days of being not-so-convenient. 

I always try to balance time in front of a screen with time at my easel and the rest of life but isn't it just so hard sometimes? It seems there is always something vying for my attention. My biggest struggle in running this business from home is, honestly, the constant fight against distraction.

Seth and I have been reading through this book by Greg McKeown called Essentialism. Have you heard of it? One idea from the book that most stands out in my mind is this line:

If it isn’t a clear yes, then it’s a clear no.
— Greg McKeown in Esssentialism

Painting is always a clear "yes" for me. Should I paint today? Yes. Should I stop what I'm doing right now because it's frustrating and paint instead? Yes. Is painting every single day a priority? Yes.

I kept thinking about that all week and guess what? I finished three paintings this week, which is great! On top of a long laundry list of countless "to dos" that have to do with my business, I feel the most accomplished when I actually discipline myself to sit and paint. Why is it so hard to do the very thing you want to do and should do so badly anyways?