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Choosing Joy

Sometimes the world just seems so out of control, senseless, violent. The breaking news of the day is almost always tragedy, sadness, murder, bickering, evil. No one can agree on what is good and right and everyone, it seems, wants to fight about it, to make a name for themselves, to be heard.

I think about my life sometimes and what God has called me to do and who He wants me to be. 

I think He's called me to be an artist, among other things. Honestly, sometimes being an artist can feel frivolous and naive and irrelevant. I paint homes and flowers and families and dogs. "What is it that I really contribute to this world anyways?" I think to myself.

cute puppy portrait for girl's room

cute puppy portrait for girl's room


Here's what I want to contribute to this broken, evil, fallen world.

I want to share beauty, a sense of belonging, a reminder of what really matters to people who are discouraged by the world we live in.

What I want is to remind people and to show my children and any other child that sees my work that God created this beautiful world for us to enjoy. He created your family, and He loves you so much that He gives you reminders of joy and happiness all the time in the things you love, like your home and your pets.

You can choose to add beauty to the world, to make your family and your community better. But of course, you can choose the side of evil and destruction and sadness. God's given each of us that choice.

mini doxie print for kid's room

mini doxie print for kid's room

As I hope you can see, I choose God and goodness and joy and happiness. And the truth is, choosing to spread God's love and peace is not frivolous, as I sometimes think. Art is the tool and gift He's given me to spread His joy, and it's important to me that I do just that.

So, that's why I paint. To remind people of happy memories and what really matters and to say that no matter how bleak it looks, God is not oppressed by evil. He has already won the battle!

Buy a print for yourself and one for a friend and share a bit of happiness today!