How to order a Custom Portrait:

Step 1:  Choose a Custom Portrait here. Make your selections in the drop down menus, then add that item to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 2:  Send all photo references to me at once the purchase is complete. In your email be sure to include any bits of extra information about your portrait that you'd like me to know. More than one photo reference is preferable! 

Step 3: Once the painting is complete, I'll email a photo of it for your approval. Once the final design is approved, the painting will be scanned, packaged, and shipped via USPS Priority.

How long does it take to complete a custom order?

My Wait List time varies throughout the year. To stay up to date, please sign up for my newsletter here. If you have a specific deadline for your portrait, please communicate that with me at the time of purchase, and I'll do my best to meet your needs!

What are your prices?

Prices vary according to size and portrait type. Please reference each listing individually and select the size and quantity in the drop down menus to see my specific prices. Or shoot me an email at I'd love to hear from you!

What do you suggest for framing?

Firstly, I recommend all my WATERCOLOR paintings be framed with a high quality glass to better protect the paint from damaging sunlight. My paints are lightfast and paper is acid-free, which insures that each painting last a lifetime if properly cared for. Keep the painting out of direct sunlight if possible.

Second, I usually recommend two options for framing. The first is to buy a standard frame from Jeffry Allens, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or any local frame shop in your area. Pair that standard frame with a custom mat for best results. You can purchase the frame and ask their framing departments to cut the mat and actually frame the painting for you. Specify that you don't want the mat to cover the painted area anywhere for best results.

You can also talk to a framing specialist at any of those stores and pick out a custom frame and mat. I've done this before and have found it to be so helpful to have the opinion of a professional. Choose a simple frame (wood usually looks great with my paintings) and have the mat customized to fit the painting exactly.

What you choose for the frame and mat as far as materials and color is entirely up to you! It's best to take the artwork into the store and hold it up to various frames. Typically, I've found, that I'm happier to have the painting framed properly and pay a little extra, then to bother with a cheap frame.

For my ACRYLIC portraits, I offer a very specific wooden frame for sizes 8x10 - 16x20 and a metal frame for my 5x7s. Both are white, wired to hang, and deep enough to cover the sides of the wooden panel. Since each painting is finished with a gloss for protection and shine, no glass is necessary in the frame.

If you wish to skip the framing process altogether, these acrylic portraits can easily hang on the wall without a frame (see photo below).

You can choose to have these paintings framed by selecting that option in the drop down menu on the product listing page.

acrylic portrait size guide-01.png

Can you make my painting a custom size?

Yes, absolutely! I've done portraits large and small, so please contact me to discuss the details. (Custom sizes require more expensive custom frames. So keep that in mind when you're deciding.)

Can you add something special to my portrait?

I'd love to. I can add special landscaping, people, hand lettering, birds and wildlife, cars, boats- you name it!

How long does it take to ship?

Typically, it takes 2-3 days for a painting to arrive on your doorstep. Please see my "Shipping & Returns" page for more information.

Could I request a custom painting that I don't already see in your shop?

Sure thing. Shoot me your ideas, and I'll create something unique just for you. Sometimes preview sketches are provided for your visualization and approval.